Drone Pilot

CAA Approved A2 CofC Qualified Drone Pilot operating a
Mavic 3 Cine Pro at 950g. Currently converting from PfCO to the new GVC qualification for the use of heavier Drones up to 25Kgs. We can offer Stills or Video and hope in the future Infrared and IDAR coverage. 

Please enter your details below and we will be happy to help advise and discuss your needs. 

Basic Drone Kit

Basic Equipment as follows;
DJI Mavic 3 Cine Pro + Support Operated under CAA A2 CofC.
DJI Mavic Air + Support Operated under CAA A2 CofC.
Under Review Helguy Training and Licence for CAA GVC Certificate. 
Above Chargeable at a Daly Rate or Commensurate with other hired duties.

Transport and Logistics
Passat Estate: Rate at first 50miles Free thereafter 50p / Mile.
Additional costs i.e. Toll, Congestion and Parking done at cost.
Travel days charged at half basic rate.

Rate Sheet is available on request. Please fill in your details
along with a short message and we will get back to you.