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High Quality Videos 
That Helps You Stand Out From The Crowd

Whether you’re looking for some help showcasing a product, capturing an aerial view of your location or producing a series of training videos, you’re in the right place.

Using professional broadcast cameras and sound equipment, with over 25 years in the industry, Alaris will capture the perfect moment and create awe-inspiring videos that give your company the edge.

Why Work With Alaris

● Broadcast Camera & Sound Equipment - Bringing high-quality video and sound to your business for both the small and large screens.

● Over 25 Years Production Experience - We know what works. From the perfect camera angle composition to eye-catching editing techniques. 

● CAA A2 CofC Drone Approval - We can supply legal aerial footage that gives your production a different angle and incredible edge.

● Friendly Service & Incredible Results - We’ll go above and beyond to bring your visions to life and make producing your videos easy and enjoyable. Completing on time and within budget. 

How Alaris Can Help You

Whether you’re a small high-street business or a large multi-national corporation, video should be a key part of your marketing, training and growth strategy. 

Anyone can film a few clips on a mobile phone, but nothing compares to the impact of a professionally filmed, expertly edited video. Creating high-quality videos can be difficult and time-consuming but it doesn’t have to be that way when you work with Alaris. 

Here at Alaris, our unique combination of broadcast equipment, production experience, drone capabilities along with a personalised service makes producing impactful videos for your business easy, affordable and achievable.
From stylised interviews, slow-motion, drone footage and green screen to macro videography, we can capture awe-inspiring footage, incredible sound and create professional videos that will make you stand out.  

Show Reel and Projects

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This is a non-definitive selection of the work that Alaris can supply and we will always strive to meet our customer's requirements and expectations.

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Chroma / Graphics

Just one of the many technologies we can turn to. This allows the background of choice to be placed behind the presenter and the graphics to be part of a screen presentation. The slider showing the Raw Camera and the Post Effect.

High Frame Rate

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Macro Production

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Air to Air

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About Kevin Hoyles

Kevin Hoyles is a professional cameraman and audio technician with over 25 years experience in film, television and corporate video. Completing work both as a crew member on set or offering a complete production service for corporate clients.

After training at the National Film and Television School as a Sound Recordist, Kevin’s career has gone from strength to strength. Working as a cameraman, Steadicam operator, sound recordist and drone pilot, Kevin has worked all around the world with several of the big-name broadcasters including the BBC, ITV and The Discovery Channel.

After branching out as a freelancer in 2001, Kevin expanded his services to the corporate sector, offering businesses the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of broadcast-quality media.

With experience in all sectors, from engineering and entertainment to the Ministry of Defence and aviation industry, you can be sure that Kevin has the skills, experience and knowledge you need to create the videos you need.  


What People Say About Alaris


Dr IanTaylor

Chief Business Officer. 

Kevin is an excellent resource for producing short videos for new product introductions. From a basic brief provided by me, he takes the initiative on the filming, editing, text graphics and background music. He also works quickly and effectively. His overall production experience and knowledge comes in to play for choice of appropriate camera, sound and lighting. I will be using Kevin again for a number of future productions.


Judith Ross


Alaris was hired to produce a video to promote our services to our stakeholders. Kevin provided a service that exceeded our expectations. He directed and produced an extremely high-quality video that demonstrated our services in a professional way. Having worked with London marketing agencies in the past, I was amazed at the quality work Kevin provided me locally. He is highly recommended and I hope you will contact him for your marketing needs.


David Crute

DoP & Steadicam Operator. 
Rock Steadi 

I have a lot of high-end clients and my professional image is important to me, that's one reason why I selected Kevin to be my assistant back in 2001, he is trustworthy and that's what I need especially when working as either my Camera or Steadicam Assistant. he has a passion not just for the technical but also for the picture. My clients like him and also the way he gets the job done and that's good by me.