The Standard Kit as Follows
Camera Kit
Sony PMW F3 camera capable of HD 444 and S Log.
6 x VDSLR Prime lens + 1 SLR Zoom Lens.
Succed Venus 5 Tripod & Fluid Head.
4 x PAG PL96 Batteries & Charger.
Odyssey Q7+ Recorder / Monitior.
Sound Kit
Sound Devices Mixer (Chose of either 6 or 12 Channels).
Dual Radio Mic System.
Shotgun Microphone.
Dual Personal Microhones.
Cables as required.
VW Passat TDI Estate (50 miles FOC then 48p / mile)
Additional equipment is readily available with full crews including DLSR Systems and support equipment plus Full Steadicam Rigs with Trained Crews.
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